How we do what we do

Our process helps reduce time from initial claim right through to returning the car to you…

Claim is allocated to ASG

Depending on the size of the event, the assessment and the strategy your insurer employs to manage the storm, will determine whether ASG contacts you directly or if your assessment is booked by your insurer.

If you are unsure, please contact your insurance provider to ascertain how the assessments will occur. Alternatively place a call to our Customer Support Team on 1800 063 368

The support team members will have details provided by your Insurer and will be able to provide you with the relevant information to guide you through the next steps.

Vehicle assessment

Once we have completed an assessment on your vehicle, a quote for repair along with digital images will be submitted to your insurer for their review.

Action Smart Group will contact you to arrange a suitable repair date and discuss the estimate time frame for the repair to be undertaken.

The scope of work required to your vehicle determines how long the duration of the repairs will generally take.